Trauma & orthopaedic surgery

Formed in 1982, the trauma and orthopaedic surgery department at the Diaconesses Croix St-Simon hospital group treats pathologies of the musculoskeletal system and has for many years been ranked among the best orthopaedic facilities in France. Promoter of the anterior approach (intermuscular approach) for fitting hip prostheses and computer assistance for fitting knee prostheses, the service has also been recognized since 2008 as a Reference Centre for Complex Osteoarticular Infections (CRIOAC).

The team is specialized in:

  • Implantation of joint prostheses: hip, knee, shoulder, ankle 
  • Replacement of joint prostheses for wear, loosening, infection, instability, etc.
  • Prevention and treatment of bone and prosthetic infections (osteoarticular infections)
  • Foot and ankle surgery
  • Hand, elbow and shoulder surgery
  • Traumatology and sequelae of fractures (pseudarthrosis, malunion)

The service is closely linked with the CRIOAC, where orthopedic surgeons, infectiologists, microbiologists and rheumatologists work together to treat complex bone and joint infections with a multidisciplinary approach. Their URC-OS clinical research unit allows them to advance knowledge in orthopaedics and bone and joint infection by monitoring our patient cohorts.

inpatient beds
joint prostheses implanted per year
foot and ankle procedures per year
department in france for hip prosthesis placement for 10 years
department in france for foot surgery
department in france for knee prosthesis placement

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